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There a quite a few species of Cockroach in Australia and Southern NSW which are a concern in the our homes. Cockroaches contaminate our food, sterile areas, & can transmit disease. They can cause allergies to humans, in rare occasions bite, and just be a general unhygienic nuisance. We offer a range of services to protect you and your home against Cockroach infestations. 



Ahhh SPIDER, do not live in fear or let spiders live in or around your home, Southern Suburbs Pest Solutions want to help keep these critters away from your house & family. Spiders can cause serious harm to humans and must not be left to spread and live in your home.



Ants in or outside your house ? Becoming a pain ? You don’t have to suffer let Southern Suburbs Pest Solutions control your Ant issue today!  Ants carry disease and undermine your pavers and attack our food stores.



Are fleas in your house ? Not a good position to be in for too long, the annoying presence of fleas is not a good feeling, and will only get worse with time, Southern Suburbs Pest Solutions, can eradicate your flea problem for you, we can even offer you the service of preparing your yard and lawn prior to treatment.

Rats & Mice

Vermin invading your house ? Don’t live like this any more, our professional team can remove, and  prevent rats & mice living and visiting your house. Tthese pest carry disease, chew your wires, timbers and other items they may come across. We have a few options for the control of vermin in your house. Call Southern Suburbs Pest Solutions Today.




You think there’s a possum in the roof ? There very well may be. Let our professional team come and check for you, we trap & remove possums for you & we can also proof you home to prevent others returning.



Are there birds hanging around or living & nesting in your home? The team at Southern Suburbs Pest Solutions can remove unwanted birds for you & bird proof your home. Birds also carry disease, soil your roof spaces & grounds, they can also damage you structures and finishings. 



Bed Bugs

Yes there is such a thing, and they are a real threat these days, bed bugs have increased over the years and been around since the 50’s, they are on the increase and must eliminate from your home if present. They bite and itch and can cause great discomfort . call Southern Suburbs Pest Solutions if you suspect you have bed bugs.


Wasps & Bees

These guys pack a good sting , If you have wasps or bees in or around your home call us today , you don’t need them at your home especially near your near your children. We can offer you a removal service today


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